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Atlantic Crane is Atlantic Canada’s exclusive supplier of an overhead crane operator course and supervisor course which is compliant to B167 crane standard.

How Atlantic Crane Can Help....

Atlantic Crane is proud to announce that we are the supplier of a new overhead crane operator course, and supervisor course, which is compliant to B167 crane standard. The course-ware has been audited to the ISO 9926-1 standards for the past ten years. Practical testing mirrors the theory portion of the training. This training is a “cost recovery, rather than just another cost incurred.” Properly delivered and maintained training will reduce all related costs.

The course material is audited every year to ensure it meets all applicable standards, codes and health and safety regulations. In the event that an injury or accident, these audits reduces a lot of liability to you, the customer.

Overhead Crane Training
·    Lessen the Chance of Accident or Injury
·    Conform to CSA B167-08
·    Conform to ISO 9926-1
·    Stop Operator Misunderstandings and Bad Habits
·    Reduce Unnecessary Material and Product Damage
·    Reduce Equipment Failure & Costly Downtime
·    Reduce the Likelihood of Failure through Knowledge

All course material is annually audited by a Doctor of Engineering to ensure compliance to all applicable standards (CSA, ISO, ASME). This means Atlantic Crane and All Canadian Training have done everything reasonably practicable to ensure the material contact is current and correct.
Atlantic Crane & Material Handling is pleased to announce they are the proud distributor in Atlantic Canada for All Canadian Training Institute’s Overhead Travelling Crane Operator Course! Therefore the employer can take comfort knowing that by providing this training they too have practiced due diligence ensuring the training provided meets training requirements for overhead cranes.


Training is also available in a Train The Trainer Program. This would allow a company to have four instructors at their site, and can deliver the two above courses. This is the most cost effective option for companies with large numbers of crane operators.

Crane Institute Certification

Certified Signalperson/Riger
Qualified Basic
Sheldon Miner


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