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Crane Supervisor


This course was designed to provide Supervisors of overhead crane operators with the minimum industry training requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations. The course focuses on providing the foundation for due diligence and meeting compliance requirements.


Training material includes a printed manual with documentation samples.


Participants must complete the Operator Safety Course prior to attending this course.


Participants are required to attend 8 hours of classroom instruction and discussion. Participants will be issued a Safety Training Certificate for attending the Supervisor course.

  • Supervisor Responsibilities – address legislated requirements for supervisor’s responsibilities.
  • Legislated Safety Requirements – review of all applicable Regional General Safety Regulations, manufacturer’s recommendations and pertinent national and International standards CSA B167, ANSI, ASME B-30 series, CMAA, United States CFR 1910.179 and 1910.184 and ISO 9926-1.
  • Assessing Operator Qualifications – instruction to determine the level of competence and qualifications of the worker performing overhead crane operations and rigging applications.
  • Worker Training – explanation of supervisor responsibilities, what should be included in worker training and how it can be delivered.
  • Monitoring Worker Performance – guidelines for monitoring worker performance for continuance of safe work practices and compliance.
  • Site-Specific Documentation – considered specific to individual sites/locations.
  • Safety Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions – instruction in developing procedures and work instructions for establishment of an internal audit process to verify compliance to safety training. Also instructions for establishing logbook documentation as per legislated requirements.
  • Due Diligence – demonstrates the need of objective evidence, of due diligence that required processes are documented, properly implemented and maintained.
  • Verification of Continuance of Safety Training – identifying the internal auditing processes, developing checklists addressing non-conformance and corrective actions.
  • Hazard Assessment and Risk Analysis – demonstrates how to determine and analyze hazards for crane operations.
  • Accident and incident Reporting – address legislated requirements.
  • Equipment Inspection – address legislated requirements for maintenance inspections of lifting equipment.

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