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Operator Training


This course was designed to provide Crane Operators with the minimum industry training requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations. The course focuses on providing the foundation for meeting compliance requirements.


Training material includes a printed manual.


Over two days, participants are required to attend 11 ½ hours of classroom instruction, 4 hours practical evaluation and includes a multiple-choice exam. The passing grades for the exam and the practical evaluation are 70%. Successful participants will be issued a Safety Training Certificate.
Legislated Safety Requirements for Overhead Travelling Crane Operations – review of all applicable Regional General Safety Regulations, manufacturer’s recommendations including pertinent national and International standards CSA B167, ANSI, ASME B-30 series, United States CFR 1910.179 and 1910.184, CMMA- operator training and ISO 9926-1 Training of drivers.

  • Introduction to Overhead Travelling Cranes – review of common crane components, controls and equipment terminology.
  • Introduction to Rigging – overview of common rigging components addressed in the course.
  • Rigging Hardware – identification of the different types of rigging hardware, slings and hitch- types.
  • Rigging Inspection – how to perform visual inspections of different types of hardware and slings.
  • Lift Plan Instructions – how to develop and perform a proper lift plan.
  • Rigging Instructions – identify common rigging applications and calculations, for hitch capacities to determine the safe working load and define load weights.
  • Rigging Safety Video – Rigging inspection and application, view 16-minute video.
  • Internationally Used Hand Signals – address legislated requirements for crane hand signals.
  • Lockout/ Tagout Instructions – address legislated requirements for performing lockout/tagged out.
  • Pre-Operational Checks – address legislated requirements for pre-operational checks.
  • Operational Checks – address legislated requirements for operational checks.
  • Operating Instructions – identify safe and proper operating instructions.
  • Shut-Down Process – address legislated requirements for shutdown instructions.
  • Log Books – address legislated requirements logbooks.
  • Overhead Crane Safety Video – Operating instructions view 16-minute video.
  • Safety Rules – review operational safety rules.
  • Practical Evaluation – evaluation of participant’s competency for hoisting and rigging



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