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Radio Remote Control

Alpha Industrial Radio Remote Control

The Alpha 500 services and the Alpha 3000 series are highly sophisticated industrial radio remote control systems. These remote controls are state of the art and known for their excellent quality, functionality, reliability, durability, and affordable cost.

The versatile features permit a wide range of industrial applications. One of the prime reasons that these controls are so popular is that they can dependably provide operation for 3 speed motions on bridge cranes.

These radio remote controls incorporate numerous safety circuits and software programming, which will guarantee maximum security and ensure the system is resistant to other radio interference. They can be used to control many types of cranes, and are reliable, safe, durable, rugged and 100% water resistant. Applications are endless for these control systems

Berlet TeleMotive Radio Remote Controls

The TeleMotive system is specifically designed to provide wireless control to your typical 3-motion overhead crane. The TeleMotive system is pre-engineered to provide 3-motion, 2-speed, and auxiliary control for many cranes where cost has been an inhibiting factor.

The compact system consists of the TeleMotive receiver housed in a rugged, heavy-duty industrial ABS Plastic Enclosure, and the new rugged, lightweight handheld "Dome" membrane transmitter. The system incorporates TMS technology, allowing four systems to function on the same time-shared frequency. Laser-Guard is an advanced laser-based system that offers distance control and collision prevention for cranes or other guided machinery. It consists of a Class 1 laser transmitter/receiver, special universal mount and a reflective target.


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